Harbor Bay Business ParkThe Business Park Association helps fulfill obligations under the original approvals and entitlements for the development of the Business Park to promote transportation systems management initiatives to support public transit by providing a Shuttle Bus connection to Coliseum BART through a contract with Altrans and providing subsidy support for the Alameda Harbor Bay Ferry Service.

Harbor Bay Business Park Shuttle Service to Coliseum BART

Shuttle Contacts & Information

  • For issues or questions that require an immediate response, call ALTRANS’ Harbor Bay Business Park at: (855) 232-2020.

Clipper Employer Benefits Program

The Employer Benefits Program provides savings for both the employees and employer. The employee’s Clipper Card is loaded monthly on a pre-tax basis, (which is about a 40% savings, implemented in the same way as a health savings account). The employer saves on payroll tax on those amounts, at 7.65%. The program is implemented seamlessly using a web-based platform. The employer cost is $3 per month per participant, which should be more than offset by the payroll tax savings.

A company can self sign-up by visiting the Clipper website and clicking on “Employer. The sign-up process:

  1. Print and mail back a copy of the signed Agreement
  2. Input bank account and routing numbers
  3. Upload a file of participating employees

For more information, visit the Clipper website.

Alameda Harbor Bay Ferry Service

Employees and visitors of companies, agencies and organizations in Harbor Bay Business Park can commute to and from Downtown San Francisco on the San Francisco Bay Ferry’s Harbor Bay ferry, using the a ferry terminal located at 215 Adelphian Way. Harbor Bay Business Park Association provides a private subsidy to the Harbor Bay ferry, that is primarily funded by passenger farebox revenues and by public subsidies from State and Regional government. The Harbor Bay ferry service is operated by the San Francisco Bay Ferry. The Harbor Bay Business Park Association also manages and maintains the ferry terminal under a contract with the San Francisco Bay Ferry.

Guaranteed Ride Home Program – *Free* to All Alameda County Employers and Employees!

The Guaranteed Ride Home program provides a free guaranteed ride home in a taxi or rental car in cases of emergency for employees who use alternative modes, such as vanpooling, carpooling, transit, bicycling, etc. in their commute to work. There is no cost to the employer or the employee to enroll.

Alameda County offers this program to help encourage commuters to use alternative modes and to reward those already doing so.

Information about the program is available on the Guaranteed Ride Home program website.

To participate, you must first register your company. You may register your company online at the program website or by calling: 510.433.0320. Once you enroll, you will receive an information packet containing program information, materials for interested employees and emergency ride vouchers.

The Guaranteed Ride Home program is a great, free resource and benefit any Alameda company can offer their employees. Sign up today or contact 510.433.0320 to answer any questions.